Resolve to Save Lives Essential Indicators

The use of accurate, real-time data to inform decision-making is essential for infectious disease control. To fill in information gaps across states and provide useful and actionable COVID-19-related data, all states should update their COVID data portals to meet basic minimum standards including reporting on essential indicators. The data below is a subset of the data states should report regularly.

U.S. PCR Test Positivity By State

PCR test positivity, or the percentage of tests performed that are positive, is an essential indicator of the extent of testing and transmission. This map shows PCR tests (for active infection) by state over the past seven days.

Essential Indicators

This tables shows essential indicators in four categories, cases, tests, hospitalizations and deaths. This data is typically used to gauge COVID-19 risk and impact. Additional essential indicators should be reported by every state and county. A recent addition is an test-adjusted case rate, which is estimates the case rate for a state if they were testing at the average per capita rate of US states. Also included are state ranks of actual (raw) and adjusted case rates. Fullscreen version here. Click on any header to sort the table by that indicator!